What is public policy advocacy?

Public policy is the way we govern our communities through laws and administrative rules. Public policy advocacy is a way of loving our neighbors as ourselves by helping shape public policy in ways that will affect their lives for the better.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is anyone who cares enough about the good of his or her community and its members to speak up on their behalf. And advocate does not have to be an “expert” or “political activist”, only someone who takes seriously the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. An advocate learns about issues affecting the community and expresses his or her views and concerns to the appropriate policy makers, building relationships with them through regular contact. In our case public education.


Why should I be an advocate?

  • An advocate is a good steward of the gift of citizenship in a democracy
  • An advocate is a faithful witness to God’s vision for a just, peaceful and healthy world
  • An advocate is a loving neighbor to those whose lives are impacted by public policies – especially the most vulnerable among us

How can I be an advocate?

Most public policy advocacy involves telling elected officials about your support for, opposition to, or ideas for a specific piece of legislation. This can be done by a call, letter, email or through an office visit or public hearing. It is also increasingly done through social media.