[Richland School District One] John Clarkson (above left) and Syd Yuille (above right), volunteer tutors from the Reading Matters program and St. John’s Episcopal Church, Congaree, conducted an aviation and aeronautics unit of study for students in grades 3-5 at Gadsden Elementary School. The unit was developed as a STEAM activity integrating literacy, science and math and social studies standards with support from literacy coach Veronica Primus. The students learned about how airplanes fly and careers in the field. The unit culminated in the making of paper airplanes. Mr. Clarkson is a retired commercial airline pilot, having worked for 30 years with American Airlines. Mr. Yuille is a retired flight instructor, licensed pilot, operations and ticket agent. Mr. Yuille’s aunt, Earsly Taylor, taught both men how to fly. Earsly Taylor was one of a few African-American women to build airplanes and fly in the 1940s and 1950s.